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  • You'll Receive a Thorough Initial Evaluation from our Advanced Trained Physical Therapists
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  • You’ll Improve Your Strength, Mobility and Independence
  • You’ll Learn How to Avoid Future Problems and Stay Healthy

Is This Your First Visit to Physical Therapy?

Here’s why you should consider us:
  • We are Licensed, Expert, Fellowship Trained Clinicians
  • We have 90+ Years of Combined Experience & a Specialized Treatment Approach
  • Locally Owned and Operated by Physical Therapists
  • Orthopedic Certified Specialists - Less than 5% of Clinicians Achieve This
  • We Listen to You & Our Personalized Care will Help You Get Better Faster

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Patients Are Saying

  • Great place and truly knowledgeable team. They make you feel great from the moment you walk in. I was a tough patient and they were great with me!

    Becky B.

  • Everyone is great here! Lesley is fantastic! Jason is such a skilled professional! Amazing results from a compound fracture of my ankle.

    Linda Z.

  • Jason really helped me rehab my knee after meniscus tear surgery. My leg was weak from several months of inactivity, and after 6-8 weeks, I have regained my strength and full range of motion. His staff is friendly and encouraging. Hi Leslie! Hi Nick! You guys are the bomb!

    Dr K.


NOTE: No Referral No Problem
We Can See Patients Without a Physician’s Referral

If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call.
We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before your first visit with us.

Physical Therapy & Rehab Associates Comparison
Physical Therapy & Rehab Associates
Physical Therapy & Rehab Associates
fremont therapy & wellness
Physical Therapy & Rehab Associates
Locally owned and operated by Physical Therapists for 20+ years. Yes No No
Immediate Appointments Available Yes Maybe No
Budget Friendly and Affordable Pricing Yes No No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist Yes No Maybe
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained Yes Maybe Maybe
Dry Needling Specialists Yes Maybe Maybe
Manual Therapy Experts Yes Maybe Maybe
Sports Therapy Specialists Yes Maybe No
Industrial Rehab Specialists Yes No No
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Associates
Locally owned and operated by Physical Therapists for 20+ years.:Yes
Immediate Appointments Available:Yes
Budget Friendly and Affordable Pricing:Yes
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:Yes
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:Yes
Dry Needling Specialists:Yes
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:Yes
Manual Therapy Experts:Yes
Sports Therapy Specialists:Yes
Industrial Rehab Specialists:Yes
Locally owned and operated by Physical Therapists for 20+ years.:No
Immediate Appointments Available:No
Budget Friendly and Affordable Pricing:No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:No
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:Maybe
Dry Needling Specialists:Maybe
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:No
Manual Therapy Experts:Maybe
Sports Therapy Specialists:No
Industrial Rehab Specialists:No
Locally owned and operated by Physical Therapists for 20+ years.:No
Immediate Appointments Available:No
Budget Friendly and Affordable Pricing:No
One-on-One Treatment with Your Therapist:No
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:Maybe
Dry Needling Specialists:Maybe
Board Certified & Fellowship Trained:Maybe
Manual Therapy Experts:Maybe
Sports Therapy Specialists:Maybe
Industrial Rehab Specialists:Maybe

The Recovery Process

Learn about the 5 phases of recovery

Click on a phase number to learn more.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    • Pain Relief

      Reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation are common goals in this phase of recovery. Injury protection, elevation, appropriate medications, compression, and patient education are important.

    • Active Physical Therapy
    • Introduce Movement

      Pain-free passive, manual therapy, active range of motion, and cardiorespiratory exercises, are indicated here. Education about pain and a positive attitude may help.

    • Active Physical Therapy
    • Strengthening

      Progressive loading of healing soft tissues, the reintroduction of low-stress neuromuscular reeducation, balance training, and basic functional activities are part of this rehabilitation phase.

    • Active Physical Therapy
    • Functional Retraining

      Progressing strengthening exercises, improving flexibility, and advanced balance exercises are part of phase 4. Resuming functional movement (e.g. sports movements) occurs in this phase.

    • Active Physical Therapy
    • Recovery & Prevention

      Functional movements are progressed, a controlled re-introduction to sports or challenging environments is initiated. Continued strengthening, flexibility, balance, endurance, and goal-specific training occurs during this phase. Education and future injury prevention are discussed.

    • Active Physical Therapy
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